About Us

The brand for parents 2.0

At Lenappy, we believe that becoming a mom does not mean the end of your life as a Woman. On the contrary! It is not a question of giving up your femininity, your love for fashion and pretty things. Being a parent today means living with the times, its innovations, its technologies!

Gone are the days when you had to give up style for a little comfort. Now, practicality is beautiful, comfortable and indispensable.



Celebrate your family every day

At Lenappy, parenthood is an event full of joy, life and love.


That's why we offer colorful, comfortable and trendy products at low prices.

So we accompany you every moment of the day, to help you move, play or feed your baby, with functional accessories you won't be able to live without.


Our mission?

To offer you the best equipment for your life as a mother and for your baby, at an unbeatable price. We carefully select our products to offer you high quality, innovative, practical, comfortable and fashionable items. No more compromises! Lenappy finally brings you closer to Parenting.


Lenappy, parents' happiness starts here.



Do you have a question, a concern, or do you want to chat?

Please feel free to contact us at any time at contact@lenappy.com.